What is entrapment?

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When law enforcement officials attempt to catch people committing some type of criminal act, they may use what is known as a “sting-operation.”

The issue that can arise from these scenarios is that police officials may be too aggressive when doing so and may almost provoke the person to commit the crime. This is then called, entrapment.

When determining whether something is entrapment or not, the first thing to take note of is that the police officer must approach the person first. Also, the person who is accused of committing the crime must have already planned to commit the crime before ever being asked by the officer.

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Man arrested for drug charges during traffic stop

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A Sagamore  man was arrested for drug charges after pulled over in a routine traffic stop.

According to police, the man was pulled over on Route 6 and police noticed the smell of marijuana in his vehicle. Police then found 29 grams of marijuana along with beer, liquor and a large sum of cash.

The 19-year-old was charged with possession of alcohol while under 21, having illegal car window tint and possession with an intent to distribute marijuana.

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Saugus Man Charged with Statutory Rape

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A Saugus man was arrested and charged with sex crimes Monday.

According to court documents, 46 year-old James Steven Beal was arrested and charged with aggravated rape of a child. He was arraigned at Lynn District Court. Beal posted $10,000 cash bail and was ordered not to have unsupervised contact with children under 18, abide by a restraining order, not to have contact with the alleged victim, surrender all firearms, and keep probation up to date on his current address. Beal is due back in court on September 6.

Police say Beal carried on a sexual relationship with a family friend for nearly two years. Documents show that the victim alleged she was touched inappropriately in Beal’s car “20 times” near Lynn Woods and then “a couple of times” at Prankers Pond in Saugus. The victim said the Lynn Police caught the two in the act one time, took their names down, and told them to leave the area.

Court documents say that police were contacted on August 1 by Beal’s wife who said she believed her husband was carrying on a relationship with a child. The documents further indicated that Beal talked about the victim quite often, remarked on “how perfect she was,” and that his cellular phone records indicate he regularly called the victim.

Beal’s wife told police that over the weekend of July 22, the victim attended a sleepover at the Beal’s summer home on Cape Cod, where the teenager told other girls that she had “done things” with Mr. Beal. An adult at the sleepover was told what happened, and then contacted the police.

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