Study: Domestic violence cases rise in slow economy

Posted on April 30th, 2012 No Comments

A national study done on the number of domestic violence cases in the nation shows that the number of incidents is directly related to the slow economy.

The study surveyed 700 different law enforcement agencies and 56 percent of them stated that they saw a correlation between the number of domestic violence cases and the down economy.

This number increased from 40 percent of agencies when a similar study was done in 2010. Police officials stated that the number of domestic violence cases increased when the economy is slow because the high unemployment rate leads to financial issues and increased stress within the home.

In New Jersey, police stated they have received 10 percent more domestic violence cases this year than in 2010. Simple and aggravated assaults are also up. The FBI, stated that although overall crime is down, domestic violence cases are not tracked separately. Local police officials stated that the number of domestic violence calls are up even though the charges are not always filed in these cases.

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