Some Offenders to be Removed from Registry July 1st

Posted on July 2nd, 2010 No Comments

As of July 1, nearly 40 sex offenders currently on South Dakota’s sex offender registry will be purged from the list, and hundreds more could be removed in the next decade, as part of a new law.

According to the new bill, misdemeanor indecent exposures are no longer offenses that require registration. The new law also provides certain statutory rape cases to eventually be taken off the list as well. Marty Jackley, the South Dakota Attorney General, said of the bill “offenders that are dangerous are on [the list] and people, when they see those names, know they’re on there for a reason and to be careful.”

The majority of the 2,700 sex offenders in the state’s registry will remain there when the new law take effect. Offenders convicted of statutory rape under 21 years of age and when the victim is older than 13 can ask the court to be taken off the list after ten years. “It is envisioned that the offender, if they believe they are eligible for removal, would file a petition, a court document with the court and serve the states attorney and attorney general’s office and we would have an opportunity to respond,” Jackley said.

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