Sex offender verification operation successful

Posted on April 19th, 2010 No Comments

The North Carolina Guilford County Sheriff’s Department biannual Operation Sex Offender Verification was carried out this Sunday as police officers knocked on the doors of registered sex offenders to ensure that they resided where they’d registered.

“It makes them realize that this is important and it’s not something they can just fluff off by not registering,” said Deputy U.S. Marshal Brian Lord.

Over 250 homes were visited by 50 deputies in Guilford County alone, with checks taking place throughout the state. A sex offender who fails to register with the Sheriff’s Department is under danger of arrest.

According to one registered sex offender, these checks are unnecessary. “Everytime I hear a car or a knock, I’m afraid someone is coming to get me or arrest me whether I’ve done anything or not,” he continued.

U.S. Marshal Lord says that while most sex offenders do keep in contact with the Sheriff’s Department, the checks are to let sex offenders know that law enforcement is serious about verification and registration.

The operation was a success and no warrants were issued.

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