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Insider trading is refers to the illegal trading of stocks and securities on the basis of information to which the public does not have access. There are various statutes and laws that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission can use to prosecute those suspected of insider trading. In many instances, a federal conviction on these grounds can result in the imposition of strict penalties including substantial fines and an extended period of incarceration.

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What Makes an Insider?

In the United States there is a rather broad definition of what constitutes an insider with regards to insider trading. You may be convicted of insider trading if you fit any of the following descriptions and have exploited intimate knowledge of a company’s circumstances for your own financial gain:

  • Company officers
  • Company directors
  • Holders of more than 10% of a company’s equity securities
  • Any individual who trades based on non-public information

With the steep federal penalties associated with insider trading convictions, it is always important to take steps to ensure that you have a vigorous defense if you are accused of illegal trading practices.

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