Cape Cod Business Fraud Defense Lawyer

Accusations of fraud can be highly destructive to a person’s personal and professional lives, and the consequences of a fraud conviction are far-reaching. Fraud accusations are frequently leveled at individuals acting on their own behalf. However, business fraud charges may be sought against a business owner or professional who is alleged to have committed fraud in the transaction of some aspect of his or her business. Business fraud allegations may mark an individual as unemployable in his or her chosen field, making the situation all the more distressful for the accused.

If you have been accused of fraud in the course of running your business, it is imperative that you seek skilled representation to protect your rights and interests. Contact experienced Cape Cod business fraud defense lawyer James Powderly today by calling 508-343-0676 to schedule a free consultation regarding your case.

What Constitutes Fraud

In order for a fraud case to be proven, the prosecution must demonstrate that five essential elements are present in the situation:

  • Facts or information were obscured or misrepresented by the defrauder.
  • The defrauder was aware of said misrepresentation.
  • It was the willful intent of the defrauder to deceive by means of this misrepresentation
  • The defrauded was in fact deceived, and believed whatever fact was misrepresented.
  • The results of the fraud were harmful to the defrauded.

Without these key elements, an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney can show that no fraud has occurred and may be able to secure an acquittal or other favorable outcome for the defendant.

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If you have been accused of committing fraud in your business dealings, it is vital to secure experienced legal representation to defend your rights and interests. Contact skilled and knowledgeable Cape Cod business defense attorney James Powderly at 508-343-0676 today to being working with an advocate with a proven track record of more than 1,000 successful cases.

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