Cape Cod Bank Fraud Lawyers

Accusations of bank fraud should always be taken seriously, as the penalties associated with a conviction are severe and may result in a significant amount of jail time. Unfortunately, the mere allegations of this crime can be damaging, resulting in professional repercussions that may limit your earning power and credibility in the business world while causing irreversible damage to your reputation.

Should you find yourself facing charges of bank fraud, it is imperative that you seek skilled legal representation in order to protect your rights and interests. Contact the Cape Cod bank fraud attorney James Powderly today at 508-343-0676 for a free consultation to learn more about your legal options and how to prepare your defense.

Forms of Bank Fraud

Any action that attempts to illicitly remove funds from a financial institution can constitute bank fraud, and many of these transgressions carry federal penalties including serious jail time. Some of the means in which a bank can be defrauded include the following:

  • Creating a phony loan document
  • Misrepresenting numbers on bank statements
  • Writing hot checks
  • Forging signatures on financial documents such as checks
  • Illegally obtaining funds from an ATM

If you are accused of bank fraud or other white collar crimes, these allegations can damage your name and reputation, so don’t hesitate to defend your rights.

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If you are facing charges of bank fraud, take action now to help ensure that your rights and interests are protected by a skilled attorney. Contact the Cape Cod bank fraud lawyer James Powderly today at 508-343-0676 for a free consultation to discuss the details of your case.

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