Credit Card Fraud

The increased ease with which credit card and debit card transactions can be conducted has led many people to use this as a primary method of payment. This convenience, coupled with the fact that credit cards are the primary means for internet purchases, has led to a situation in which a person’s credit card information might be stolen and used illegitimately. This is credit card fraud, and it is more prevalent than ever.

James Powderly knows that with this digital anonymity, police and prosecutors trying to follow clues across the World Wide Web are bound to make mistakes. If you or someone you know has been charged with credit card fraud, contact James Powderly at 508-343-0676 to speak with an experienced Cape Cod credit card fraud defense attorney about your case.

Types of Credit Card Fraud

Since a credit card as a physical object is not technically needed for purchases made over the phone or internet, credit card fraud can take many different forms. These may include:

  • Physical theft of a credit card
  • Copying card information (or “skimming”)
  • Using a company card for personal purchases
  • Using another person’s information to open an account

Conviction for credit card fraud can expose an individual to the threat of severe punishments including prolonged imprisonment, significant fines, and more Simply being accused of this crime can do irreparable damage to your reputation, your perceived credit risk, and your job.

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