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While most people are familiar with the term “indecent exposure” some individuals do not know what exactly constitutes the act, and how serious it can be if criminal charges of indecent exposure are pressed against an individual. The law states that indecent exposure is the deliberate revealing of portions of a person’s body in a way that violates common standards of decency. If another individual or officer of the law views such actions, the person who exposed himself or herself may face serious criminal charges.

While the laws regarding indecent exposure may vary from state-to-state, judges and prosecutors in the state of Massachusetts often take the crime very seriously and may aggressively pursue criminal charges against those accused of the crime. If you have been accused of indecent exposure, you need an experienced attorney to aggressively fight for your rights. Contact Massachusetts indecent exposure defense lawyer James Powderly today at 508-343-0676 to discuss your defense.

Consequences of Indecent Exposure

Persons convicted of indecent exposure in Massachusetts may face criminal consequences including:

  • Six months in a state prison facility
  • A fine of up to $200
  • Registration in the state’s sex-offender registry

While indecent exposure is often considered to be a misdemeanor, the specifics of the case may warrant more serious criminal charges, especially if the accused individual made unwanted contact with another individual or exposed himself or herself to a minor.

Indecent exposure is a crime in all 50 states and may also be referred to as “public lewdness”, “sexual misconduct”, or “public indecency”. On occasion, indecent exposure charges may be pressed against individuals who were unaware of their actions or were making social or political statements, in which case, an experienced sex crimes attorney may be able to help defend their rights.

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