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While the free expression of art and ideas is protected by the United States Constitution, there are situations in which such expression is perceived to directly violate the rights of other individuals, and is thus deemed illegal. Child pornography is one chief example of this, and while the penalties associated with simply possessing pornographic images are severe, the consequences for trafficking in these materials are even more extensive.

If you have been accused of illegal distribution of child pornography, it is essential that you seek skilled legal representation immediately in order to aggressively defend your rights and interests in a court of law. Experienced Cape Cod distribution of illegal pornography lawyer James Powderly will work tirelessly to see that you receive the full and complete defense you deserve. Contact him at 508-343-0676 to begin formulating your defense.

Penalties for Distribution

The United States Code has very specific penalties and definitions regarding the possession and distribution of pornographic likenesses of minors, and there are substantial fines associated with a conviction. Additionally, mandatory prison sentences are imposed with convictions in the following ranges:

  • 5-20 years on a first offense
  • 15-40 years with a previous sex crime conviction

These extreme prison sentences combine with the lifelong branding as a sex criminal to completely alter the course of the convicted person’s life, and these consequences should be taken seriously. Even the mere accusation of such an offense can do irreparable harm to one’s reputation, so vigorous defense representation is absolutely essential.

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