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Federal, state, and local officials are trusted to safeguard the well being of the public which they serve by faithfully carrying out their duties in the best interest of the people. When such an official is accused of receiving benefits from private enterprises in exchange for modifying the way in which they perform their duties, they may face federal charges of public corruption.

Public corruption is a felony, and can result in harsh prison sentences and steep fines, as well as permanently damaging the reputation of the accused. If you are facing charges of public corruption, it is essential that you seek skilled legal representation such as that which Cape Cod corruption defense attorney James Powderly provides. Contact him today at 508-343-0676 to learn more about your legal options and discuss the details of your case.

Forms of Public Corruption

There are various ways in which a public official can be accused of receiving improper benefits in exchange for carrying out their duties in a particular way such as:

  • Contractual – Officials who award government contracts to specific companies in exchange for personal benefits.
  • Judicial – A judge who accepts bribes or benefits in exchange for a favorable ruling.
  • Legislative – A legislator who accepts benefits in exchange for voting a particular way or introducing specific legislation.
  • Law Enforcement – A law enforcement official who accepts bribes in order to ignore the commission of a crime.
  • Regulatory – Federal regulators can be guilty of corruption when they ignore infractions they are meant to investigate in exchange for benefits.

A conviction on public corruption charges will result in far reaching consequences in your life and the lives of those you love.

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Charges of corruption are not to be taken lightly, and it is imperative that you retain the services of an experienced Cape Cod corruption defense lawyer when facing them. Contact James Powderly by calling 508-343-0676 today to learn more about your legal situation and how you should proceed.

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