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In Massachusetts, the law states that a person cannot operate a motor vehicle if they are under the influence of an intoxicant. This may include both alcohol and drugs. Although OUI charges in Massachusetts set a 0.08 BAC limit for alcohol, no such limits exist for illegal drugs. In these cases, drivers must only be proven too intoxicated to safely operate their vehicle.

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OUI in Massachusetts

As with most states, drugged driving charges in Massachusetts closely resemble drunk driving charges. An OUI conviction for drugged intoxication can still carry a possible jail sentence as well as a significant fine. Unlike drunk driving charges, these OUI charges can include additional drug-related charges such as possession or intent to distribute. To prosecute for drug-related OUI, the following must be determined:

  • The driver used drugs
  • The driver was significantly impaired by those drugs
  • The driver was using a public road

Massachusetts maintains a specific list of drugs and substances that cannot be taken prior to or during the operation of a motor vehicle. In some instances, a person may become impaired by a prescription drug not included on this list. If prosecutors cannot prove that these substances are listed according to the state criminal code, these serious OUI allegations may be dropped in court.

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