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Over time, every relationship will have periods of strain for various reasons, and people are susceptible to emotional outbursts. Explaining the specifics of these moments to law enforcement officials can prove impossible in some situations, and unfortunately, this miscommunication can be the difference between a noise complaint and being charged with domestic assault.

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Understanding Domestic Assault

Police often handle accusations of domestic assault differently than they do other reports of violence. There are two forms of domestic assault:

  • Domestic simple assault: This occurs when a family member attacks another when no weapon is involved and there are no injuries.
  • Domestic aggravated assault:┬áThis occurs when a family member attacks another and intends to cause injury with the use or threatened use of a weapon.

Even in defining these two types of domestic assault, there is confusion. A credible threat of violence can be considered assault. As such, it is possible for even the best intentioned police report to skew the facts, resulting in an unfounded charge.

If you are convicted of domestic assault, you could be jailed, incur hefty fines, or be issued a restraining order. As such, it is important that you do everything you can to fight charges of domestic assault. Contact Cape Cod domestic assault lawyer James Powderly today for the legal assistance you need.

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