Police arrest 3 for alleged theft at Cape Cod mall

Posted on February 27th, 2012 No Comments

Three Hyannis residents have been arrested after trying to steal an expensive purse from a department store inside the Cape Cod Mall. The attempted theft occurred at Macy’s over the weekend.

The three individuals were shopping at Macy’s when one of them cut the security cord from a Michael Kors purse, worth $348. They left the purse, and later returned to the store. On their second trip to the store, they moved the handbag near a pillar, and out of sight of the security cameras.

On Sunday, one of the three returned to the department store to complete the theft. He grabbed the purse, and was making his way to exit the store when a Macy’s security guard tried to apprehend him. The suspect pulled out a hypodermic needle and threateningly waved it in front of the security guard. He dropped the purse, and made a run for his car. Police arrived on the scene, and arrested all three individuals that were inside the vehicle.

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