Falmouth Criminal Attorney

Falmouth criminal defense lawyer James Powderly has a law practice devoted 100% to criminal defense. With an office in downtown Falmouth on Cape Cod, he has represented thousands of clients throughout Massachusetts on charges ranging from OUI drunk driving offenses to major complex felonies including gang shootings, attempted murder, drug possession, and the sale, distribution, and trafficking of illegal substances.

In addition, James Powderly has lectured to other attorneys on topics ranging from cross-examination techniques to Winning Failed Breath Test DUI cases at trial.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Falmouth, you should immediately consult with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer. Your defense preparation should begin immediately, since your liberty and reputation may be at stake.

Falmouth attorney James Powderly has been the lead defense counsel on approximately 50 trials to verdict and prides himself on his willingness to go to battle for his clients. He devotes a large portion of his criminal defense practice to defending drug crimes and OUI offenses. James Powderly is a member of the National College of DUI Defense Lawyers and has received certifications in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and Breath Testing (Breathalyzer) Analysis.

Falmouth crimes include drug offenses (cocaine, heroin, marijuana, pills; trafficking, possession, distribution, cultivation); drunk driving offenses (DUI, DWI, OUI); crimes of violence (shootings, assault, battery, domestic violence); theft crimes (larceny, shoplifting, embezzlement), disorderly conduct, underage drinking, traffic offenses.

Please contact Falmouth criminal defense lawyer James Powderly at 508-343-0676 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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