Cape Cod’s Camp Good News forced to close it’s doors due to sexual allegations

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At least nine people have come forward claiming they were abused while attending Cape Cod’s Camp Good News as children. The sexual assault occurred during different summers the victims spent at the Christian camp.

New legislation may make it possible for these adult-aged victims to finally receive justice for what happened to them during their childhood. In the state of Massachusetts, victims have until the age of 25 to report sexual abuse and until the age of 30 to report childhood rape.

Many factors contribute to victims waiting  until they are grown adults to report their attackers including guilt and suppressed emotions.

Cape Cod’s Camp Good News closed it’s doors this summer once the sexual assault allegations were made public.

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Wisconsin School District Official Charged with Sex Crime

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School District Superintendent in Wisconsin has been charged with a child sex crime.

According to officials with the New Holstein Police Department, 54 year-old administrator Christopher Nelson is facing a charge of using a computer to facilitate a child sex crime. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 40 years in prison. The criminal complaint states Nelson corresponded with an undercover officer who was posing as a 15 year-old boy. The officer responded to a post by Nelson on Craigslist.

According to the complaint, several e-mails went back and forth in June 2010 and Nelson contacted the officer using instant messenger on December 30. A search warrant affidavit shows Nelson asked the undercover officer to meet him for sex in downtown Milwaukee. The meeting was set up for January 19. Detectives saw Nelson’s vehicle traveling towards the meeting location on the 19th and notified all other units. Once a positive identification was made, a traffic stop was conducted.

Milwaukee police say nelson admitted he was chatting with a 15 year-old boy. He also admitted to having images of child pornography on his laptop.

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Retired Police Officer Arrested for Child Pornography Possession

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A retired Utica police officer was arrested by Massachusetts State Police on child pornography charges on December 21. Stanley Dorozynski, also a former employee of Child Protective Services, faces charges for both receiving and possessing pornography that involves minors. A woman living with Dorozynski discovered several flash drives that reportedly contain child pornography and reported the find to local police.

A conviction for receiving and possessing child pornography in Massachusetts would lead to a minimum sentence of 5 years and a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. In addition, Dorozynski would be required to register as a sex offender within the state.

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Amherst Man a Level-Three Sex Offender

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An Amherst man has been determined to be a level-three sex offender by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry.

According to an Amherst Police Department notification, 31 year-old Robert A. Martinez, who is currently homeless, was determined by the board to be an “individual that is at high risk to reoffend and the degree of dangerousness posed to the public is such that a substantial public safety interest is served by active community notification.”

Martinez is not wanted for any crimes by the Amherst Police Department. He was previously convicted on the charges of indecent assault and battery of a person older than 14 in 2005, indecent assault and battery of a person older than 14 in 1999, indecent assault and battery of a child under 14 in 1995, rape and abuse of a child in 1995, and indecent assault in 1995.

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Dover Police Seek Sex Offender Released in Massachusetts

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Authorities in Dover are looking for a sex offender who was released by Massachusetts police earlier this week.

According to officials with the Dover Police Department, 51 year-old Brian E. Mahoney was arrested in Boston earlier this month for failing to register as a sex offender in Massachusetts. Authorities released Mahoney on Tuesday following a court hearing. Police are looking into what led to Mahoney’s release.

Mahoney remains wanted in New Hampshire for charges out of Dover. The charges against Mahoney include duty to report, theft, simple assault, and criminal threatening. Mahoney was previously convicted of attempted aggravated felonious sexual assault in Massachusetts.

Dover Sgt. Brant Dolleman said police do not have any reason to believe that the community is in danger, but there is some concern about Mahoney being at large. “He’s wanted with a criminal history of sexual assault and other assaults in the past,” Dolleman said.

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Massachusetts Sex Offender Arrested at S.C. State Fair

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U.S. Marshals have arrested a wanted Massachusetts sex offender who was workig at the South Carolina State Fair.

Authorities say Shaawn Downer is facing charges of possession of child pornography, a sex offense against of child and failure to register as a sex offender. According to officials with the U.S. Marshals, 37 year-old downer was working as a food vendor with a company based out of New York.

In 2005, Downer was convicted of 512 counts of Possession of Child Pornography based on an investigation conducted by Massachusetts State Police. In the summer of 2009, Downer moved to Yarmouth and registered as a Level 2 Sex Offender. Later that year, police conducted a follow-up investigation that determined the suspect had moved without notifying authorities, which is in violation of Massachusetts state law.

A South Carolina judge denied Downer’s bond Wednesday. He will be sent back to Massachusetts to face charges.

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High School Basketball Coach Indicted For Massachusetts Sex Crime

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Ernest Lorch, founder of the famous Riverside Church High School basketball program, has been indicted by a Massachusetts grand jury for molesting a teenager in Amherst more than 30 years ago.

The two-page indictment, handed down Tuesday, charges Lorch with indecent assault and battery of a person over 14 years-old and attempted rape. The maximum penalty for both counts is five years in a Massachusetts state prison. The indictment contends Lorch assaulted a teen some time between March 1977 and April 1978. The chief of the child abuse division of the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, Jane Mulqueen, said the alleged victim had traveled to the University of Massachusetts with Lorch to attend a basketball tournament.

The indictment identifies the alleged victim as “B.W.” Prosecuting attorney Lawrence Luttrell said the alleged victim is a former Riverside player. “B.W.’s focus right now is to cooperate with the prosecutor’s office in his capacity as the victim of the crime that Ernest Lorch has been accused of committing,” Luttrell said.

Lorch filed a lawsuit against B.W. and two other men alleging attempted extortion. Lorch claims the men threatened to go public with sex abuse claims unless the basketball coach paid them off. That suit is still pending, Luttrell said.

“We are hopeful that new evidence will further support our position that the ridiculous civil suit filed by [Lorch] will be dismissed so as not to interfere with the criminal investigation.” said Luttrell.  “We are also hopeful that this new development gives courage to any other victims of abuse in this country to overcome their fear of coming forward.”

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Massachusetts Sex Offender Charged with Attempted Abduction

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A Massachusetts man who served a 12 year sentence for child rape has been charged with trying to abduct a woman.

According to officials with the Wareham Police Department, Lance Porter, who was released from prison 18-months ago, is facing charges of kidnapping, assault and battery, and attempted rape. Police say Porter approached a 36 year-old woman shortly after 10:00 Friday after she left a store, grabbed her, covered her mouth, and attempted to drag her to his truck. The woman screamed, bit her attacker, and broke away, police say.

Porter was arrested later Friday night in his home. Police describe him as a level 3 sex offender, considered the most likely to re-offend. It was not immediately clear if Porter has an attorney. He waived his appearance at an arraignment Monday.

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Lenox Man Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault

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A man in Lenox has pleaded guilty to his role in a 1998 sexual assault case involving a woman who was drugged and rapped.

According to court documents, 36 year-old Aaron Kincaid must register as a sex offender and serve a probation sentence, but he will not serve any additional prison time. Kincade served just under two years after his original conviction which was later overturned.

The criminal case went through the entire appellate review before being returned to Berkshire Superior Court, where Kincaid pleaded guilty Monday to four counts of aggravated rape. He was originally sentenced to a 15 to 18-year state prison sentence, but that conviction was overturned in 2005 by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. The trial was declared a mistrial and the case was placed back on the local Superior Court’s criminal docket this summer.

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Mass. Supreme Court Rejects GPS for Freed Sex Offender

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The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Friday that judges cannot force new probation restrictions on sex offenders unless they violate their original probation conditions.

The state’s highest court upheld a lower court decision rejecting a request to require Ralph Goodwin to wear a global positioning system monitoring bracelet and to bar him from schools, libraries, playgrounds, and parks. Goodwin was convicted of raping and kidnapping a  7 year-old boy from Lowell in 1990. After serving his prison term and civil commitment, Goodwin was released on probation in 2009.

The court voted 4-3 to uphold the lower court’s findings that there was no substantial change in Goodwin’s circumstances to justify adding probation conditions. The dissenting judges found that requiring a probationer to wear a GPS device as an added probation condition is not punitive.

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