Fight Over McNuggets Results in Assault Charges

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A couple in Cape Cod is facing charges after allegedly assaulting each other with a knife during a dispute over chicken McNuggets.

According to officials with the Falmouth Police Department, 20 Ziomarie Black and 31 year-old Edward Collado were arrested just after midnight Sunday, after the pair allegedly stabbed each other during a fight in their apartment. The arrest report says the fight began when Collado and Black went to the McDonald’s restaurant on Teaticket Highway with two friends and began arguing.

After the fight, Black left in a car with two friends while Collado went to a nearby Holiday Inn to call police. When police apprehended Collado and Black separately , Black had scratches from a knife on her chest and red marks on her neck consistent with strangulation, according to the report. Collado had suffered a bite and a slash on his hand.

Black was charged with domestic assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon, and larceny of less than $250 – stemming from $104 of Collado’s she allegedly took when she left the apartment. Collado was charged with domestic assault and battery.

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Most Wanted Massachusetts Sex Offender Arrested in New Jersey

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One of Massachusetts most wanted sex offenders was arrested in New Jersey Wednesday morning.

According to officials with the Massachusetts State Police, 46 year-old Samuel Harper was arrested in Loongbranch, N.J. Wednesday. He is wanted out of the Roxbury Municiple Court and the Lawrence District  Court for failure to register as a Level 3 sex offender. His arrest was the culmination of a joint investigation between the Massachusetts and New Jersey State Police.

Harper was convicted of multiple counts of rape of a child with force and assault with intent to commit rape in 1993.

Harper is expected to appear in Ocean City Superior Court Thursday where he has been charged as a fugitive from justice.

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Utah Man Arrested in Cape Cod

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Police in Cape Cod arrested a Utah man who was allegedly intoxicated and carrying a loaded handgun in the parking lot of a local motel.

According to officials with the Cape Cod Police Department, officers responded to the Motel 7 Seas shortly after 10:00 p.m. Sunday for a reported domestic assault and battery. Witnesses told police 32 year-old Robert Appleton was drunk, suicidal, and armed with a gun.

As they spoke with witnesses, Appleton approached the officers, who drew their weapons and commanded Appleton to get down on the ground, police said. Police searched Appleton and found a fully loaded .40-caliber Sig Sauer handgun, according to the arrest report.

Falmouth police Sgt. Douglas DeCosta said Appleton became combative as officers attempted to arrest him. The suspect refused to get in the cruiser and kicked the vehicle while yelling, “just taze me.” Officers used pepper spray to subdue Appleton, DeCosta said.

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Newton man charged with wire fraud

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A Newton, Massachusetts man is facing charges for a stock fraud scheme in which he allegedly committed wire fraud and filed a false income tax return.

39 year-old Randy M. Cho claimed to be a broker who could buy stocks at reduced prices for his investors. According to authorities, he told investors that he was able to get the discounts through his working relationship with Goldman Sachs.

Prosecutors believe that this scheme continued for eight years, during which Cho spent some of the money on expensive items for himself.

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MA Supreme Court: D.A. Must Turn Over Statutory Rape Data

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The Massachusetts Supreme Court has ruled that prosecutors must provide evidence that shows they are not engaging in “selective prosecution” of the state’s statutory rape law against gay youth.

The case reached the state’s highest court after a juvenile court judge ruled last year that the district attorney must provide data on statutory rape cases, which the D.A. appealed. The lower court’s ruling stemmed from a case in Norfolk County in which prosecutors charged a boy with delinquency for allegedly having sex with a thirteen year-old boy, when he was sixteen. Lawyers for the defendant said he would not have been charged had the alleged victim been a female.

The state’s highest court upheld the lower courts ruling, but narrowed the scope of the evidence that must be turned over.

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Virginia man convicted of child enticement of Massachusetts girl

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A Virginia man was convicted of attempted kidnapping and child enticement. According to Massachusetts court reports, the man was convicted in Middlesex Superior Court.

The man apparently communicated with the girl over the Internet. Prosecutors argues that the man intended to bring the girl to Virginia and have sex with her.

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California bill would police offenders' internet use

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A new bill being reviewed in the California legislature would prevent registered sex offenders from using social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. If caught, they could be imprisoned based solely off of that violation.

Harriet Salarno, president of Crime Victims United, said in support of the bill, “Predators have left the playground and are now going to the Internet.”

Parole agents and civil libertarians oppose the bill, questioning whether or not time could be better spent policing the offenders’ physical contact with children, child pornography, and other similar activities.

“All they have to do is go to a public library and use a fake name and we’re not going to find it,” said Melinda Silva, a Sacramento parole agent and president of their statewide union.

The measure would allow the use of social networking sites for work-related purposes if OKed by authorities.

A San Diego State University criminal justice professor, Paul Sutton, cautioned lawmakers to tread carefully. Monitoring Internet use “is all but impossible” and some registered sex offenders need the Internet for work or use it to find jobs, he said.

SCOTUS approves new law to hold sex offenders indefinitely

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The United States Supreme Court on Monday announced in a ruling a new law that allows the federal government to hold convicted sex offenders indefinitely after they have served their sentences if they are expected to be “sexually dangerous” following release.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in the majority opinion, “The federal government, as custodian of its prisoners, has the constitutional power to act in order to protect nearby (and other) communities from the danger such prisoners may pose.”

Justice Clarence Thomas, in his dissenting ruling, wrote that nothing in the constitution “expressly delegates to Congress the power to enact a civil commitment regime for sexually dangerous persons, nor does any other provision in the Constitution vest Congress or the other branches of the federal government with such a power.”

The Texas judiciary approved a measure similar to this for the state prior to this, but this ruling allows the federal government to fill in any “gaps” in state holding procedures.

Portland police scale back city ordinance

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The Portland Police Department has announced a decision to scale back on the ordinance that restricts sex offenders from living near schools. This kind of ordinance is very common, and is found in most large cities in America.

Instead, only “high-risk” offenders would be limited in their place of residence.

Officers from the department will be the ones to assess offenders and determine their risk-level.

Former police officer sentenced in child pornography case

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A 59-year-old Mesquite man who served as a police officer in Highland Park, TX, from 1973 to 1978 and as a Plano, TX, police officer from 1979-2004 was convicted this Monday of possession of child pornography. The man was sentenced to ten years in federal prison.

An undercover Plano police officer uncovered evidence of the man’s child pornography while working on an FBI task force in 2007. The FBI was given a warrant to search the man’s home in 2008 and found pornography on his computer. The man was charged with possession of child pornography.

The 59-year-old pleaded guilty in December, 2009, to one count of receipt of child pornography.

In February, the man was given permission from a judge to visit his daughter and grandchildren on supervised trips.

U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay in Dallas has released the man and ordered him to report to prison by July 6. The man will be registered as a sex offender and be on supervised release for the rest of his life after his release.

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