Man arrested for drug charges during traffic stop

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A Sagamore  man was arrested for drug charges after pulled over in a routine traffic stop.

According to police, the man was pulled over on Route 6 and police noticed the smell of marijuana in his vehicle. Police then found 29 grams of marijuana along with beer, liquor and a large sum of cash.

The 19-year-old was charged with possession of alcohol while under 21, having illegal car window tint and possession with an intent to distribute marijuana.

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SC ruling: Strip-searching allowed for any arrest

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In a 5-to-4 vote on Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that strip-searches will now be allowed to be done on detainees after an arrest of any kind even if there is no suspicion that they have contraband on them.

A justice in the majority opinion have stated that they should be able to prohibit correctional facility officials from strip-searching people that have been arrested before being admitted to jail because it may help them make sure that the detainee does not have drugs, weapons or other potentially harmful information on them.

Strip-searches on those arrested are not required, but they are now allowed. Those not in favor of the new law have stated that strip-searches on those arrested for minor crimes is unnecessary and violates “individual privacy.”

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South Yarmouth man arrested after a drug raid

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A 20-year-old South Yarmouth man was arrested after his house was raided by the Cape Cod SWAT team. The man had been under surveillance after he posted bail for a previous charge of shooting two people.

The raid happened after drug dealings at the location had been recorded for over a month. The SWAT team found a loaded hand gun, a small pile of drugs, and over $3,000 in cash.

The South Yarmouth man was charged with illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of a controlled substance, and illegal possession of ammunition. He has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges against him, and his bail was set at $100,000.

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Numerous dolphins stranded on Cape Cod

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The Cape Cod criminal defense lawyer, James Powderly, has learned that more than 85 dolphins have stranded themselves in a shallow area of water near Cape Cod.

The cause behind the beached dolphins remains a mystery and rescue workers are trying their hardest to save as many dolphins as they can. According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, this amount of stranded dolphins is extremely high for one time and usually is recorded throughout an entire year.

The areas of Wellfleet and Eastham were the main locations of the beachings, which has been rising by the day. By the time workers were able to reach the dolphins, 50 of them were already dead. They have been able to save 35 of them as of now, releasing them back into the Atlantic ocean and are hoping to save more as the days go on. To stay up to date on local Cape Cod news, please visit the Cape Cod Times.


Local boy uses music to combat homelessness in Cape Cod

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Cape Cod criminal defense lawyer, James Powderly is pleased to learn that a 10-year-old Cape Cod boy has created a recording of his original music in order to fight homelessness in the area.

The fourth-grade student was determined to help people with his music and thus wrote the song, “Sweet Dreams.” This is the main song on his two-song CD that will be sold in order to benefit the Housing Assistance Corporation and Project Prevention. These non-profit organizations provide shelters to the homeless and assist in mortgage payments with families who are close to eviction.

His parents decided to pay out of pocket for the production of the CDs, which is $2.25 per CD. Each CD will be sold for $5, with all of the profits going towards the non-profits.

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Holiday season begins in Cape Cod

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Cape Cod will come alive with the holiday spirit this year between December 1-4. Several Cape Cod businesses as well as the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to offer the public holiday specials and events during the first weekend in December.

Some of the events that will be featured this weekend will include; The North Pole Express Ride aboard the Cape Cod Central Railroad, a Christmas parade and a holiday concert. Resorts and inns across Cape Cod will also be offering discounted lodging as well as discounted event tickets to local attractions throughout the weekend.

Cape Cod criminal defense attorney, James Powderly hopes that everyone in the Cape Cod area stays safe during the holiday festivities.

To learn more about the events taking place this weekend in Cape Cod, please visit The Christmas on Cape Cod website today.

Woman hits landlord with tree branch, charged with assault

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A 19-year-old Springfield woman was charged with assault when she became violent towards her landlord and his son during an argument over electricity.

The tenant hooked her apartment, located on the third floor, to the electricity on the second floor. The landlord felt this was unsafe, and went to disconnect the electricity box in the basement. The woman followed the man and his 17-year-old son into the basement, where she struck both with a large tree branch.

According to police, there has been an ongoing feud between the woman and the landlord. Officers responded to the incident that took place on Massachusetts Avenue on Wednesday evening.

Although no hospitalization was required, the landlord’s son did sustain a gash to his head, and the woman now faces charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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Saugus Man Charged with Statutory Rape

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A Saugus man was arrested and charged with sex crimes Monday.

According to court documents, 46 year-old James Steven Beal was arrested and charged with aggravated rape of a child. He was arraigned at Lynn District Court. Beal posted $10,000 cash bail and was ordered not to have unsupervised contact with children under 18, abide by a restraining order, not to have contact with the alleged victim, surrender all firearms, and keep probation up to date on his current address. Beal is due back in court on September 6.

Police say Beal carried on a sexual relationship with a family friend for nearly two years. Documents show that the victim alleged she was touched inappropriately in Beal’s car “20 times” near Lynn Woods and then “a couple of times” at Prankers Pond in Saugus. The victim said the Lynn Police caught the two in the act one time, took their names down, and told them to leave the area.

Court documents say that police were contacted on August 1 by Beal’s wife who said she believed her husband was carrying on a relationship with a child. The documents further indicated that Beal talked about the victim quite often, remarked on “how perfect she was,” and that his cellular phone records indicate he regularly called the victim.

Beal’s wife told police that over the weekend of July 22, the victim attended a sleepover at the Beal’s summer home on Cape Cod, where the teenager told other girls that she had “done things” with Mr. Beal. An adult at the sleepover was told what happened, and then contacted the police.

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Arrest Made in Cape Cod Funeral Home Stabbing

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Police made an arrest over the weekend in connection with a stabbing at a Cape Cod funeral home wake last week.

According to officials with the Yarmouth Police Department, officers arrested 23 year-old Andrew Serriello at a home on Old Sailor’s Way in Dennis shortly after 10:30 p.m. Saturday. Serriello was held overnight and released late Sunday afternoon after posting $2,600 cash bail, police said.

Seriello was arraigned Monday in Barnstable District Court on charges of assault and battery while armed with a dangerous weapon and assault while armed with intent to murder. Police said he was held pending a dangerousness assessment hearing.

Police were called to the Morris O’Connor & Blute Funeral Home on Long Pond Drive in Yarmouth on July 25. A fight broke out during a wake for James Edward DeLancy. One person was stabbed.

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Police ID Suspect in Cape Cod Stabbing

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A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a homeless man in connection with a stabbing in Cape Cod.

According to officials with the Yarmouth Police Department, officers responded to a call at the Morris O’Conner & Blute Funeral Home on Long Pond Drive shortly after 3:00 p.m. Monday after two people were stabbed in the parking lot. The stabbing took place during a wake for James Edward DeLancey, 24, police said.

Yarmouth police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Richard Andrew Serriello in connection with the stabbing.

Police say Serriello has 29 prior criminal charges in Massachusetts, including several offenses of violent crimes involving weapons and drugs. Authorities say Serriello should be considered to be armed and potentially dangerous.

Police said anyone with information about Serriello should immediately call 911.

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