The Criminalization of Sex Toys

Although the law was created in a time before the modern American sense of privacy, Massachusetts is one of the few states to criminalize the ownership of sex toys. Legally defined as instruments of self-abuse, sex toys are often protected under state and federal privacy laws. However, the state of Massachusetts has not legally repealed their law on the matter, making it technically illegal to own these devices.

For as out-dated as these laws may seem, they remain serious charges that may be brought against a person in the state of Massachusetts. For more information, contact Massachusetts sex crimes lawyer James Powderly at 508-343-0676 today.

Possible Grounds for Charges

The penalties associated with breaking this law are diverse, and the associated fines may range between $100 and $1,000. Additionally, these charges may damage a person’s reputation. The following may be cited in connection to this law:

  • Selling devices
  • Lending devices
  • Gifting devices
  • Advertising the sale of devices

Even though many Americans assume that their personal lives are protected by their rights to privacy, this law works against that assumption. It is rarely used and has been under scrutiny from courts for some time, but was added to a list of charges brought up as late as 2000 in a sex crime case.

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