Statutory Rape and Exceptions

Statutory rape is a legal term that applies to many sexual activities between an adult and an individual who is below the age of consent. This charge is very different from other forms of rape because there does not have to be any threat or force involved. These laws are in place to protect minors who are considered to be too young to be able to give consent to engaging in a sexual act. Statutory rape charges are classified as a sex crime and can be very damaging to a person’s personal and professional life.

The age of consent differs from state to state as do the punishments associated with a conviction for this crime. Statutory rape also covers a wide range of actions between an adult and a minor, and in addition to intercourse, it can also include mutual masturbation and oral sex.

Exceptions to Statutory Rape

In most cases, statutory rape is clearly defined, but there are some circumstances that can change how a case is handled. Some common exceptions to statutory rape include instances in which:

  • The difference in ages between the two individuals was small
  • The victim was near the age of consent for the specified state when the alleged incident occurred
  • The couple was intimate or had a relationship before one of them reached the age of consent

If you have been charged with committing statutory rape, this can be a very trying time in your life but there may be ways to have the charges against you lessened or eliminated altogether.

For More Information

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