Sex Offenses and Positions of Trust

A serious factor in many sex crime cases involves the context of the case. The relationship that exists between the defendant and the victim is one important consideration. There may be additional or more severe penalties facing the defendant if that person is in what is known as a “position of trust.” Positions of trust, generally speaking, are more powerful, influential professions that may be able to take advantage of another person due to their social or professional status.

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What Are Positions of Trust?

Crimes committed by those in positions of trust are usually treated with more intense penalties. In particular, sex crimes committed by these individuals often meet with public disdain and tough sentencing. Positions of trust are defined under the following guidelines:

  • Those with child custody powers
  • Those with the power of attorney
  • Those with higher political status or power
  • Those with higher status of employment
  • Teachers, professors, or educational administrators

If found guilty of a sex crime while holding this sort of professional or social power, a person in a position of trust may be sentenced as severely as the law allows. These individuals should additionally expect to lose any professional licenses or privileges as a result of their actions.

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