Mail Fraud

Mail fraud is a very serious crime for the simple reason that the United States Postal Service is run by the federal government, and thus mail fraud is federal offense. If a person is trying to illegally obtain money or other valuables by way of the USPS, this is mail fraud. Soliciting money with phony invoices is a representative example of mail fraud.

If you or someone you know is accused of mail fraud, you need to understand the full force of the consequences that might be brought down upon you in the event of a conviction. Do not get caught off guard and fail to present a strong defense. Arm yourself with a tough Cape Cod mail fraud defense attorney by calling 508-343-0676 to contact James Powderly.

Types of Mail Fraud

When someone is suspected of mail fraud, he or she is likely believed to have perpetrated one of the following crimes (all of which constitute mail fraud):

  • Theft: stealing mail may seem harmless, initially, but criminals can steal credit card applications and envelopes containing checks or money orders, or obtain valuable information that can be used to perpetrate identity theft.
  • Non-Delivery/ Misrepresentation of Merchandise: when a customer has paid for something, he or she is entitled to the item. Failing to send something purchased, or misrepresenting the item are forms of mail fraud.
  • Scams: scams are tricks intended to part someone with money. A common example is the pyramid scheme that promises returns for an investment.
  • Fraudulent Organizations: more legitimate looking than a typical scam, these usually aim for donations by appearing to be a charitable or religious foundation.

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