Internet Solicitation of a Minor

Under Massachusetts law, it is illegal to solicit a minor for sex over the internet. In recent years the police have started running online operations to catch adults who approach minors for sexual activity online. Because child solicitation is such a sensitive issue, just being charged with a sex crime involving a child can threaten to ruin your personal and professional reputation. To ensure that you receive sound legal advice and assistance throughout your case, contact Massachusetts sex crimes attorney James Powderly today at 508-343-0676.

Online Stings

Police officers often pose as minors online, with believable screen names and manners of speaking, to try to catch adults in the act of soliciting minors for sex over the internet. Sending pornographic images, using indecent language, and attempting to convince a minor to meet you in person can all qualify as online solicitation. The police then use identification techniques to link the screen name to the offender, which will lead to an arrest.

Charges and Penalties

Online solicitation of a minor is classified as a felony in Massachusetts. If you are convicted, you may face a lengthy prison sentence and/or hefty fines. In addition, you will be required to register as a sex offender with the state.

Not only can a sex crimes conviction tarnish your personal and professional life, but it can also hinder your ability to find a place to live, apply for school, secure a loan, and more. As such, if you are charged with any sex crime, it is important to consult with an experienced sex crime attorney as soon as possible to ensure that your legal rights are upheld throughout your case. Your attorney will scrutinize all of the evidence brought against you and will fight to defend your case against an overzealous prosecution.

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