Internet Prostitution

Internet prostitution has become one of the most-publicized concerns facing the 21st-Century law enforcement community. Through the use of popular solicitation websites (which regularly carry content unrelated to sex workers such as job or real estate listings), internet prostitution has established itself as a system that is particularly difficult to trace. While street solicitations can be physically monitored either through patrols or undercover operations, online prostitution is conducted in a much less traceable manner.

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Soliciting on the Internet

Sex workers use a variety of different methods to distance law-enforcement professionals from their operations. The following are common platforms used by the underground sex trade for advertising for their prostitutes:

  • Online forums and posting boards
  • Commercial websites
  • Through email or other private contact methods

These methods are commonly used to provide all of the information necessary for potential clients before any further dealings proceed. As the law enforcement community cannot possibly patrol the website traffic with any regular capabilities or breach privacy laws without a warrant, these tactics have made it difficult for police to produce sufficient evidence against many pimps, madams, prostitutes, and clients.

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