Incest Laws in Massachusetts

Incest is commonly identified as sexual contact between relatives. In the state of Massachusetts it is any sexual contact between blood relatives closer than first cousins. Incest is often thought of as a serious crime and recently, the state of Massachusetts made an attempt to alter the law in order to more specifically define what sexual encounters were included in the law.

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Legal Repercussions for Incest

Each state in America has its own set of laws prohibiting incestuous relations. However, these laws can vary greatly depending on the state. In Massachusetts laws against incest include:

  • No sexual intercourse or any other form of penetration or sexual touching may occur between relatives who are closer than first cousins
  • This is regardless of consent
  • This can be punished by up to 20 years in state prison
  • If one of the relatives is under the age of 18 the crime is considered the rape and abuse of a child and will be punished accordingly

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