Illegal Use of Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are designed and sold for the purpose of treating very specific conditions and ailments, and extensive testing goes into determining safe dosage levels, side effects, and other potential complications. Many powerful drugs can be abused, however, if they are taken for recreation rather than recuperation.

Illegal possession of a prescription drug, and especially possession with intent to sell, is a serious matter that can result in felony charges. If you are facing charges of illegal possession of prescription medicines, it is imperative that you seek skilled legal representation to adequately protect your rights and interests. Contact the experienced Cape Cod criminal attorney James Powderly today at 508-343-0676 for more information.

Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Any use of prescription drugs outside of that directed by a physician can constitute abuse, but resale and consumption for recreational or self-diagnosed problems are the most common transgressions. The following are a few of the more commonly abused prescriptions:

  • Percodan
  • Xanax
  • OxyContin
  • Vicodin
  • Hydrocodone
  • Ritalin

The penalties associated with convictions of illegal drug possession are severe, and can frequently result in significant fines and jail time.

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If you are facing charges of illegal possession or use of prescription drugs, do not make the mistake of taking the situation lightly. Contact the Cape Cod criminal defense attorney James Powderly today at 508-343-0676 to work with a legal team dedicated to defending your rights and interests.


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