Human Trafficking and Prostitution

Although the United States works under agreed upon standards for stopping human trafficking and sexual slavery, it is still a problem in well-organized prostitution rings. However, human trafficking – which carries strong criminal penalties – may be levied against those who are involved in otherwise legitimate business practices. Prostitution and punitive trafficking charges may be brought against an unassociated person.

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Sexual Slavery in the United States

In the United States, sex slavery is often run out of low-end bars, massage parlors, and residential businesses. Human trafficking for prostitution generally occurs with women brought into the United States, but may occur with the homeless, runaways, or drug users. The following are characteristics of modern American sex trafficking:

  • Women tend to come from South America, former Soviet states, and Southeast Asia
  • Women are either already addicted to drugs or forced into drug use
  • Women may be pushed into other criminal areas, such as drug trafficking
  • Women may be taken by organized crime groups for unpaid debts

As prostitution evolves with existing law enforcement practices, many sex slaves are localized to locations in which their actions and behaviors can be easily monitored. This also means that businesses not involved in sex trafficking may also be targeted.

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