Especially in heavily populated urban areas, a person may quickly become packed into a tight space and be forced to have physical contact with strangers. This situation can develop because of a sporting event or a rally, during a subway ride, or even just at a busy intersection. In these instances, contact between individuals can often be due to the circumstances of the location, and has little to do with a person’s active desire to touch another person. However, there is a paraphilia known as frotteurism that may influence certain individual’s actions in these situations.

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What Is Frotteurism?

Frotteurism is defined as the desire to rub up against another individual without their consent in order to achieve some degree of sexual gratification. As this crime would otherwise be clearly noticeable, most instances occur when people are pushed into a tight space, giving increased anonymity to frotteurs. While not treated nearly as harshly other sex crimes, this act can still result in serious penalties, including:

  • Misdemeanor charges
  • Depending on the circumstances, possible felony charges
  • Civil negligence charges

Although many people assume that only men are frotteurs, this is, in fact, not true. Men and women from all walks of life can be considered frotteurs and have been charged with this crime.

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