Bank Fraud

Being arrested for bank fraud is damaging to your life as a whole, but it represents a particular threat to your professional future. It is important that you do not panic upon arrest, however, as the absence of a conviction likely means that you will be able to avoid some of the more severe repercussions. Though you may have been arrested for defrauding, or attempting to defraud, a financial institution, you still have rights. A knowledgeable and committed attorney can help you to protect your legal rights as you confront this challenge.

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Allegations of Bank Fraud

There are a variety of actions that may constitute a form of bank fraud, and it is important to understand what these are so that you will be better equipped to counter the case against you. The following are some examples of bank fraud:

  • Writing a fraudulent check
  • Fraudulently obtaining funds from an ATM
  • Fabricating a loan document
  • Making knowingly false statements to a bank official
  • Forging signatures on a check or legal document

There is no time to waste when you stand accused of committing bank fraud. A skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney can help you to build your case and can help to prevent you from unwittingly harming your defense.

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