Appearing in Court

When expected to appear in court or at other official case proceedings, there are certain guidelines that defendants or witnesses should follow. Generally speaking, any official business tied to the court should be treated with an air of formality. These cases involve the careful and serious consideration of important legal matters and the outcome can shape the future of an individual’s personal and professional life.

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Dress Standards

It is important for defendants to appear in court with a due amount of refinement and respect for the parties involved as well as the system. In terms of appearances, this does not mean that a person should appear so formal it could be mistaken for emotional coldness. On the other end, a person neither wants to appear too casual or overly emotional about their trial. Instead, appropriate attire and basic courtesies are appropriate for official court business. Consider the following:

  • Formal in court should roughly equate to formal for business
  • Ties, shirts, dresses, or suits should not be distracting either in pattern or color
  • If at all, no more than basic jewelry should be worn
  • Hair should be cut to widely acceptable standards
  • Shoes should be appropriate dress shoes, not boots or high heels

In addition to dress, behavior is important to monitor. Questions should be answered promptly and directly, including no unnecessary additions or commentary.

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