Another allegation made against Cape Cod camp

Posted on November 21st, 2011 No Comments

The Christian summer camp in Cape Cod, Camp Good News, was set to re-open this week after sexual allegations had caused the camp to shut it’s doors for the summer. Now, another victim has come forward claiming that he was also abused at the camp when he was a child.

The newest victim to step forward claims that he was molested while attending the camp at the age of 8. He states that he was sexually abused and beaten regularly while he was there.

At the time of the assault the victim told his father, who confronted the camp. The camp officials claimed that they had fired the individual, when in reality they had not, and that is the only reason why no further charges were pressed. The alleged molester died in 2009.

The investigation into these allegations as well as the other allegations is still ongoing.

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