Rhode Island man arrested for bank robbery charge

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A Rhode Island man has been arrested for allegedly robbing a branch of Citizens Bank last week.

According to police officials, the incident occurred Friday afternoon and a surveillance video that was later released allegedly showed the 34-year-old man robbing the bank.

According to the Boston Globe online,  employees at the state Department of Corrections helped police identify the man. The man was was found hiding in a Providence home and was arrested and charged with second-degree bank robbery.

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Mass. Senate debates on drunk driving law

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The state Senate in Massachusetts is currently debating whether or not to change the language of a drunk driving law that allows many first time OUI offenders to get off scotch free.

State Senators are looking to close the loophole by allowing the Registry of Motor Vehicles to count cases without finding out about a first offense. Earlier in the week, the state Supreme Judicial Court decided that the Registry cannot account for these offenses when determining whether or not he license can be revoked of suspended.

“There’s a very clear need to address this and to do it swiftly,” said State Senate Bruce Tarr. “The unambiguous intent of Melanie’s Law was to target repeat drunk drivers and keep them off the road. In order to do that, we have to be able to count those offenses correctly.” Tarr also said that there is bipartisan support for this bill.

Man arrested for drug charges during traffic stop

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A Sagamore  man was arrested for drug charges after pulled over in a routine traffic stop.

According to police, the man was pulled over on Route 6 and police noticed the smell of marijuana in his vehicle. Police then found 29 grams of marijuana along with beer, liquor and a large sum of cash.

The 19-year-old was charged with possession of alcohol while under 21, having illegal car window tint and possession with an intent to distribute marijuana.

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Matthew Fox charged with DWI

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An actor in the popular television show, ‘Lost’ has now been arrested and charged with drunk driving.

According to police officials, actor, Matthew Fox was arrested on Friday in central Oregon after police noticed his car was unable to stay in one lane of traffic. Police also noticed that he failed to use his turn signal.

After he was stopped, police determined that Fox was showing signs of impairment and he was taken into a county jail. Fox is expected to be back in court on June 17. No further information has been released at this time.

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