Allegedly drunk driver hits jogger in Cape Cod

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A 29-year-old Mashpee woman has been arrested for alleged drunk driving after her vehicle hit a runner on Great Hill Road.

The pedestrian accident occurred around 5 a.m. last Thursday morning. This is the driver’s second offense for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. She is also being charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

The runner was transported to Cape Cod Hospital with minor injuries. She had been wearing protective gear during her run and should have been visible to the driver. A witness to the accident followed the potential drunk driver until police were able to arrive at the scene.

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Numerous dolphins stranded on Cape Cod

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The Cape Cod criminal defense lawyer, James Powderly, has learned that more than 85 dolphins have stranded themselves in a shallow area of water near Cape Cod.

The cause behind the beached dolphins remains a mystery and rescue workers are trying their hardest to save as many dolphins as they can. According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, this amount of stranded dolphins is extremely high for one time and usually is recorded throughout an entire year.

The areas of Wellfleet and Eastham were the main locations of the beachings, which has been rising by the day. By the time workers were able to reach the dolphins, 50 of them were already dead. They have been able to save 35 of them as of now, releasing them back into the Atlantic ocean and are hoping to save more as the days go on. To stay up to date on local Cape Cod news, please visit the Cape Cod Times.


Attempted motel invasion leads to three arrests

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Three East Falmouth men broke into a motel room located in the Great Bay Motel on Teaticket Highway on a Saturday night in an attempt to commit a robbery.

The men approached a motel room wearing masks and carrying a baseball bat. Two men were inside the room and answered the door after hearing the knock. The men made their way in, but one of the residents in the room put up a fight and was able to strip off the mask of one of the assailants and also take control of the baseball bat. The man was not willing to leave without his baseball bat and so the two men held him there until police were able to arrive.

The three men admitted to the police what their efforts were targeted towards and stated who the leader of the group happened to be. They were charged with home invasion, conspiracy and attempting to commit a crime. Each were held on different bail amounts and are scheduled to arrive back in court on January 24, 2012.

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Local boy uses music to combat homelessness in Cape Cod

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Cape Cod criminal defense lawyer, James Powderly is pleased to learn that a 10-year-old Cape Cod boy has created a recording of his original music in order to fight homelessness in the area.

The fourth-grade student was determined to help people with his music and thus wrote the song, “Sweet Dreams.” This is the main song on his two-song CD that will be sold in order to benefit the Housing Assistance Corporation and Project Prevention. These non-profit organizations provide shelters to the homeless and assist in mortgage payments with families who are close to eviction.

His parents decided to pay out of pocket for the production of the CDs, which is $2.25 per CD. Each CD will be sold for $5, with all of the profits going towards the non-profits.

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Larceny charges brought against Cape Cod woman

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A 48-year-old Cape Cod woman has been charged with three counts of larceny.

These charges stem from accusations claiming that the woman stole from a Harwich charity where she was formerly employed. The charity, Harwich Ecumenical Council for the Homeless Inc., offers child care and affordable housing in the area as well as maintains 60 rental properties.

The woman stole roughly $65,000 from the organization. The charity claims that the stolen money was used by the Cape Cod resident to pay for her adult children’s rent.

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