Holiday season begins in Cape Cod

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Cape Cod will come alive with the holiday spirit this year between December 1-4. Several Cape Cod businesses as well as the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to offer the public holiday specials and events during the first weekend in December.

Some of the events that will be featured this weekend will include; The North Pole Express Ride aboard the Cape Cod Central Railroad, a Christmas parade and a holiday concert. Resorts and inns across Cape Cod will also be offering discounted lodging as well as discounted event tickets to local attractions throughout the weekend.

Cape Cod criminal defense attorney, James Powderly hopes that everyone in the Cape Cod area stays safe during the holiday festivities.

To learn more about the events taking place this weekend in Cape Cod, please visit The Christmas on Cape Cod website today.

Another allegation made against Cape Cod camp

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The Christian summer camp in Cape Cod, Camp Good News, was set to re-open this week after sexual allegations had caused the camp to shut it’s doors for the summer. Now, another victim has come forward claiming that he was also abused at the camp when he was a child.

The newest victim to step forward claims that he was molested while attending the camp at the age of 8. He states that he was sexually abused and beaten regularly while he was there.

At the time of the assault the victim told his father, who confronted the camp. The camp officials claimed that they had fired the individual, when in reality they had not, and that is the only reason why no further charges were pressed. The alleged molester died in 2009.

The investigation into these allegations as well as the other allegations is still ongoing.

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Teen on probation arrested for drug charges

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A Cape Cod teenager has been arrested on charges including theft and possession of heroin. The teenager was on probation for selling drugs during the time of his arrest.

The 19-year-old is considered to be a ring leader in a burglary attempt on a salon in the area. He faces violation of probation charges as well and the judge in his case is considering renewing a one-year jail sentence that was put aside in his previous hearing.

The teenager has a previous arrest record including two counts of driving while intoxicated and dealing prescription drugs. The bail in his most current arrest is set at $5,000 and if it is met the judge will issue a curfew for the 19-year-old.

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14 year sentence given in Medicare fraud case

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A Medicare fraud scheme has been uncovered in Detroit, Michigan with the ringleaders being two sisters. The women, who were at one point immigrants from Cuba, were sentenced to 14 years each for their part in the scheme.

The fraud began in Miami, Florida where the women were running a HIV-based clinic. They then moved their practice to Detroit, Michigan where they paid off black men in the area who had HIV and were eligible to receive HIV services through Medicare. The woman scammed the system out of more than $6 million.

They fled the country in 2007 and were ultimately discovered hiding out in Venezuela before they were taken into custody. The judge in the case gave each of them five years longer in prison than the original plea bargain outlined. They will each spend 14 years in prison and have been ordered to pay Medicare the $3.6 million that they personally gained from the scheme.

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