Three employees fired on accusations of theft

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Three employees of the Steamship Authority, SSA, have been fired due to allegations of theft. Two of the employees were parking lot attendants and the other a cashier for the company.

The Palmer Avenue lot in Falmouth, Massachusetts is where the foul play took place. The employees are accused of stealing money through parking lot tickets at the lot. It is expected that this has been going on for a number of years. SSA has no tolerance for theft in their company.

An investigation of these charges is still underway and at this time no further details of the actual scheme can be released to the public.

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Cape Cod father accused of drunk driving

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A father accused of drunk driving while his 5-year-old son was in the car is claiming that the allegations are false.

Last Friday night, a car accident happened involving the Cape Cod man as well as an ambulance. According to the report issued by the Cape Cod police, the father was driving intoxicated when he failed to stop behind an emergency vehicle, crashing into the back of the vehicle. The ambulance had it’s lights on and the vehicle slammed into it again, this time becoming lodged into the back.

The man was arrested after police smelled alcohol on his breath and was reportedly wearing his shirt backwards. His son was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries after being thrown from his seat due to not properly being fastened into the car. The Cape Cod man is denying these allegations, stating that his son was strapped into the car and definitely had a seat belt on.

The police are standing behind their report and the man is due back in court in November to face the charges against him.

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Rape charges filed against veteran Cape Cod firefighter

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A veteran Cape Cod firefighter is being charged with the rape of a female teenager. He was arrested and taken to jail where he was discharged on $500 bond.

The charges pending against the longtime veteran paramedic and firefighter include two counts of rape and one indecent assault count on a person aged 14 or over.

The victim in this case is 17-years-old.

The Cape Cod firefighter has been put on administrative leave pending the results of his arraignment. The father of two who is divorced, believes that these charges will be dropped before a trial can come to fruition due to no criminal activity being reported.

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Cape Cod’s Camp Good News forced to close it’s doors due to sexual allegations

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At least nine people have come forward claiming they were abused while attending Cape Cod’s Camp Good News as children. The sexual assault occurred during different summers the victims spent at the Christian camp.

New legislation may make it possible for these adult-aged victims to finally receive justice for what happened to them during their childhood. In the state of Massachusetts, victims have until the age of 25 to report sexual abuse and until the age of 30 to report childhood rape.

Many factors contribute to victims waiting  until they are grown adults to report their attackers including guilt and suppressed emotions.

Cape Cod’s Camp Good News closed it’s doors this summer once the sexual assault allegations were made public.

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